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Offer yourself quality of life in an effervescent neighbourhood. Habitations Laurendeau designs housing projects where the City of Montreal is at its best. No effort is spared to make sure our housing projects reflect all of the benefits of life in Montreal. Even before a new project is created, our experts ensure the quality of the sites and their locations. That is why each housing project is well located on the island of Montreal. We make sure we offer our clients a living space that is close to restaurants, theatres, public transportation, shops and several conveniences which are essential for urban life.

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Habitations Laurendeau offers you housing projects that are worthy of the beauty of Montreal. Present in several neighbourhoods in Montreal, our projects stand out, guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Consult us to find the construction that is suitable for your lifestyle. Each housing project satisfies our clients’ highest standards with their distinctive charm. Perfectly suited for an urban lifestyle, our constructions focus on modern architecture and maximized living space. In addition to providing personalized customer service, our advisers help you choose your made-to-measure unit. All of our constructions satisfy the highest industry standards, using the best materials and processes on the market.

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Maximized living space

Attention to detail and perfection

For 40 years, we have surpassed market quality standards. We focus on excellence to provide a solid construction that fully satisfies our clients, in order to ensure a long-term investment. In our eyes, the quality of a house or condo is reflected in the choice of materials and the attention paid to small details during construction. By choosing Habitations Laurendeau, you are opting for excellence, at all levels.

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A family history

40 years of tradition

Habitations Laurendeau brings together three generations builders from the Laurendeau family. Our expertise is based on 40 years of experience and accomplishments. From the very beginning, long-term growth has been a company value. That is why we place so much importance on the choice of the subcontractors and suppliers that have worked with us over the years.

1967 | Completion of the first, rental residential building by Paul Laurendeau.

1973 | Founding of Construction Laurendeau inc. by Paul and Daniel Laurendeau. This company was the first dedicated entirely to the construction of new homes.

1981 | Daniel Laurendeau founded Les Habitations Daniel Laurendeau inc., taking over the helm of the family business.

1987 | The Laurendeau family won its first Domus award, the first in a series of industry trophies.

1998 | Marc and Éric Laurendeau founded Habitations Laurendeau inc. They became the third generation of builders in the family.

2006 | The APCHQ gave the firm Diamond certification for 25 years of excellence. This is the highest honour in the industry.

2010 | Habitations Laurendeau received the prestigious architectural integration award presented by the City of Montreal for its Les Cours Valois project.

2014 | The Laurendeau family has a total of seven Domus awards, including the coveted “Buyer’s choice, Customer Service, 50 units and more” Domus award.

Our Awards

A recognized signature

We are above all a family firm acknowledged in the field for our human approach and our personalized customer service. As a result of our team’s accessibility and transparency and the reliability of our company, we have won several quality awards:

A philosophy focused on excellence APCHQ Diamond certification, 25 years and more more.

A team close to people 2012 “Buyer’s choice/customer service, 50 units and more” Domus

Distinctive products :2013 | Domus single-family residential product of the year

2012 | Single-family construction, $260,000 and less

2011 | Single-family construction, $260,000 and less

2010 | Architectural integration award presented by the City of Montreal

2008 | Domus single-family construction, more than $350,000 and less than $750,000

2007 | Domus rental or co-property housing unit, more than $200,000 and less than $300,000

1987 | Domus single-family housing unit

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Personalization service

A house that suits you

Personalize your future property so that it reflects your tastes perfectly. While respecting your requests and your expectations, our advisers will transparently offer you the best support possible, from the first meeting to the after-sales service. Depending on your lifestyle, you can choose what suits you, at every step of the project. Before construction, you can choose a personalized plan. During construction, our advisers and suppliers will accompany you and help you select the best options for you. As a result of our made-to-measure service, your new property will be unique and completely to your tastes, for all budgets.

Unique on the market, a basic model that includes several conveniences In order to offer you excellence, we offer units that are completely functional, starting from the base models. Depending on the project, you have access to private parking spaces, a backyard, storage space, terrace on the roof, etc. Ask our advisers about the advantages of our projects.

Our philosophy in Montreal

To be close to people

Our company business values an honest, friendly approach. Over the years, we have had a mission to maintain the excellence of our relationships with our clients and all intermediaries. For more than 40 years, we have made confidence and transparency our priorities. This approach ensures good follow-up and unparalleled communication for all our clients, from the first visit to after-sales service. By choosing Habitations Laurendeau, you are opting for a trustworthy partner for the construction of your future property in Montreal.

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